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At the core of our philosophy when it comes to running a travel agency is the principle that if it is a service that we are offering to clients, we need to perform that job at an unquestionably elite level. Travel Company of Houston will never settle for being second best or doing a merely adequate job for you and the other people in your party. We want everything on your vacation to be the definition of perfect, and that has led to us being the first call any experienced traveler in Houston, TX makes when they decide to take a trip.
If you ask around, you are likely to hear that we are the travel company to put your trust in when you need help of any sort with planning a vacation. Our clients love us and are extremely loyal, so no matter what travel agent directory you consult, you will not find anyone who can beat Travel Company of Houston. We are the only travel agency location that will treat your vacation as if we were the ones taking it.
Come to us for an agent consultation and you will discover a wealth of different ways we can make your life easier when it comes to putting together a vacation for you and your family. Ours is the travel agency listing you have been looking for.
Do business with Travel Company of Houston to align yourself with the number one travel agent in Houston, TX. 

We have worked hard to maintain a reputation as the unquestioned first choice.

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